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Apache Learning Down-Stay

Posing for a Christmas Photo

 Bottom Left: Cy, Nisha, Sasha, Kiyah, Asja and  Jue

Top Left: Nemo and Dru

Good Camper:

For those who  don't have time, or have limited time to practice dog training at home, and want the convenience of having the bulk of the lessons taught by the dog trainer this three week program is the perfect program to achieve the results you want in a fast and efficient time frame. Your dog will have 3 to 5 training sessions per day. Once your dog knows the commands we give you 3 free follow ups which allow us to show you how to give the commands taught. Commands are quickly taught by us, and your dog will be able to:

  • Walk politely on leash (‘Let’s Go!’)
  • ‘Sit’ – at owners side, or other places directed
  • ‘Building on Come’ – from 20’
  • Stop Jumping
  • ‘Wait’ – at doors and stairs
  • Automatically ‘Sit’ when you stop
  • ‘Place’ (stay in his ‘spot’)
  • ‘Stay’ with distractions & longer periods of time

You also get:

  • Two, ‘homework/home study’ lessons at our facility
  • Written handout instructions
  • 3 weeks of unlimited phone and/or e-mail dog training support
  • Bonus from Psycollars:
    • Paracord leash
    • Properly fitted training collar
 Our overnight dog training camps are a perfect choice for you!

Our Overnight Dog Training Camp includes two levels of fun and learning for your dog. Drop your dog off for your choice of a 3 or 5 week stay. During our overnight dog training camp we teach your dog everything with in the dog training program you choose. Your dog is taught in up to 3 sessions per day. When not in his/her dog training class , he/she will be resting in comfort, getting some exercise with the other campers , all while thinking about the obedience lessons learned.


Glen Burnie, Md. 21060

Apache heeling 2013 PSA 1 Nationals
Super Camper:

This 5 week  option (based on your dog training goals*) is for people who do not have the time or desire to be a dog trainer, but want their dog to be well educated. We do the bulk of the dog training for you, so you can guide the dog with ease at home. Your dog will have increased manners and confidence, and will know what to do with them! Five weeks of overnight dog training by us includes the following:

  • Walking politely on leash
  • Sit – at owners side, or other place as directed
  • Come – from 20’
  • No Jumping
  • Relax/Chill!
  • Wait – at doors, stairs, before exiting the car
  • Automatic Sit
  • Place (stay in your ‘spot’ until I free you)
  • Stay - with distractions & longer periods of time
  • Sit – to ‘front’ when called to Come
  • Kennel/Crate
  • Down
  • *Other commands as agreed upon

You also get:

  • Two, ‘homework/home study’ lessons at our facility
  • One inhome lesson (if requested)
  • 3 weeks of unlimited phone and/or e-mail dog training support
  • Written handouts
  • Bonus from Psycollars:
    • Paracord leash
    • Properly fitted training collar
    • Unlimited access to our monthly Alumni sessions
 Overnight Dog Training Camp

Our board and train dog training is perfect for the busy family that wants to establish a strong
foundation in dog training but just don't have the time to put in to achieve reliable
dog training and obedience.

​​Offering professional and affordable dog training classes and dog training programs in Glen Burnie and surrounding counties with customizable dog training classes to fit your needs dog training maryland

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